Health & Wellness

Our Commitment

“Good” doesn’t stop with our products. It’s in everything we do. From simpler nutrition and ingredient labels on our packaging to harvesting lifesaving pharmaceuticals for use in medical applications, we’re not just producing good food – we’re making good progress toward a healthier world. To learn more, view our health and wellness video.

Our Approach

As one of the world’s leading food and protein companies, we leverage our vertically integrated supply chain to:

  • Produce delicious, affordable, nutritionally important protein
  • Equip our customers and consumers with the information they need to make responsible food choices
  • Proactively partner with our food service and retail customers, and healthcare experts, to improve the healthful attributes of our products
  • Commercialize valuable bioscience products from our vertically integrated production process to save lives and improve human health
  • Support our workers and communities with the resources they need to live a healthy lifestyle

Innovating for Healthier Foods

 From simplifying ingredients to reducing our use of common allergens, Smithfield is dedicated to improving the health profiles of all our products. Our goal is to reduce added sugars and sodium by 10% and to increase transparency through cleaner labeling across 100% of our product line by 2025 from a 2020 baseline.


To accomplish this, our research and development teams work diligently with leaders across our organization to identify opportunities to transform our ingredient lists via substitution and elimination. To sustain these improvements, we’re streamlining our production processes and product formulations, ensuring quality and consistency every step of the way.

Smithfield is focused on supporting a healthy global population.

Policies and Statements

Consumer Health and Wellness

Ingredients Glossary


Our U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved Smithfield BioScience unit in Cincinnati, Ohio, is one of the only U.S. manufacturers of heparin, our core BioScience product. We have increased our production capacity through capital investment, making Smithfield BioScience a trusted manufacturer in the heparin industry. Heparin is an anticoagulant medication used to slow the formation of blood clots, typically used following surgery or during dialysis procedures, blood transfusions, medical-device implantation and other applications.

Regenerative Medicine

Through partnerships with the University of Virginia’s Center for Advanced Biomanufacturing and the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI), we are exploring a range of regenerative medicine technologies to accelerate regenerative tissue research. These include innovations in state-of-the-art biomaterial and cell processing for critical U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and civilian needs, including the Wounded Warrior Project.

Sodium Policy

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Over 25% of product portfolio reformulated to reduce added...


Reduce added sugars by 10% across our entire product line by 2025.
On Track
In our international operations, include products designed to address health and wellness in accordance with European Union (EU) nutrition and labeling standards.
Reduce sodium by 10% across our entire product line by 2025.
On Track
Increase transparency through cleaner labeling across 100% of our product line by 2025.
On Track
Ensure a variety of products for different diets and needs.
On Track
Maximize our vertically-integrated supply chain to produce products critical to human health, including pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals.
On Track

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We have a great responsibility to support the communities we call home. Through targeted philanthropy and volunteerism, we aspire to make a meaningful impact that addresses food insecurity, advances education and supports the vitality of our local communities.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are driving change in our industry by building a culture that celebrates diversity, fosters an inclusive work environment and promotes equity across our business and in our communities.

Worker Health & Safety

From industry-leading safety practices and professional development opportunities to competitive benefits and compensation, Smithfield offers a culture and support systems that ensure employee well-being at work and at home, and we strive to lead our industry in occupational safety and health.

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