Good Is What We Do
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Our responsibility as a global protein provider is embodied in our commitment to produce “Good food. Responsibly®.” We strive for good in everything we do.

Our Sustainable Impact Priorities

Sustainability has been a Smithfield priority for more than two decades, a legacy memorialized by our first environmental report in 2001. Since then, we have continually evolved our approach to create one of the most comprehensive sustainability programs in our industry. Our vertically integrated business model allows for extensive research and investments that address some of our industry’s greatest sustainability challenges and opportunities. Our principles, values and operating standards guide us as we strive to include sustainability as part of the equation for every business decision.

Approach to Sustainability

Our sustainability strategy is informed by our sustainable impact priorities, guided by GRI, SASB and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and grounded in seven pillars organized according to our principles for doing good. Our sustainability strategy and pillars are built on a strong foundation of Good Business: integrity, compliance, governance and trust.

Good Stewards

Animal care: Keep our animals safe, comfortable and healthy

Environment: Shrink our environmental impact and eliminate waste

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Good Food

Food safety and quality: Deliver safe, affordable, high-quality protein to meet the growing global demand

Health and wellness: Promote wellness through improved nutrition and innovations in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and other human applications

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Good Work

Helping communities: Address food insecurity, advance education and support the vitality of the places we work and live

Diversity, equity and inclusion: Ensure a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace and a culture that respects every employee

Worker health and safety: Keep our employees healthy and safe

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Steve Evans, vice president of community development, was recognized with World Sustainability Awards' Future Leader Award for his dedication to both environmental and social justice.


Smithfield received a GLOBEE Award for Manufacturing Company of the Year from the American Best in Business Awards for its industry leading carbon reduction efforts.


More than 80 Smithfield Foods locations were honored in 2022 by the North American Meat Institute for their environmental achievements and worker safety efforts.


Smithfield Foods was awarded 2022 Manufacturing Leadership Awards by the Manufacturing Leadership Council for projects furthering sustainability across the company’s value chain and industry.

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From Our CEO

At Smithfield, our work is centered on feeding the world’s growing population with wholesome, safe and affordable food.

From Our CSO

Continuous improvement is ingrained in our culture and foundational to our strategy. Our culture of continuous improvement is bolstered by years of initiatives and successes, and embodied in our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS).

Animal Care

We maintain a steadfast commitment to the safety, health and comfort of our animals. We pioneer and follow industry best practices to prevent animal disease, ensure a biosecure environment for our animals and provide safe, comfortable housing through every stage of our animals’ lives.

Environmental Stewardship

We hold ourselves to a high standard of responsibility for environmental stewardship, and we continually develop innovative solutions to improve our conservation of precious natural resources.

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