Hampden-Sydney College

Hampden-Sydney, VA 23943

Founded in 1775, Hampden-Sydney is the oldest of the country’s few remaining private colleges that specialize in educating and developing young men. Students choose Hampden-Sydney because they recognize the many benefits of a traditional liberal arts education. Balancing academic rigor and intellectual inquiry with an easygoing community spirit, Hampden-Sydney encourages open discussion, healthy debate, and a respect for different points of view. It challenges students to challenge themselves and to forge their own unique paths while drawing inspiration from the generations who have gone before them.

The Hampden-Sydney man is encouraged to be smart, grow confident about expressing his ideas, to step up and assume leadership roles, and to take risks in the classroom. He examines his beliefs, considers new perspectives, and explores all his interests—from economics to English literature to fine arts. He makes friends for a lifetime from a student body of diverse backgrounds and graduates with maturity and self-awareness, ready to build a life of meaning and commitment.

As part of Smithfield’s commitment to supporting diversity and inclusion efforts at Hampden-Sydney College, the Smithfield Foods Scholarship is only available to students of color.

Scholarship Contacts

Zita Barree
Director of Financial Aid