Worker Health & Safety


Our Commitment

From industry-leading safety practices and professional development opportunities to competitive benefits and compensation, Smithfield offers a culture and support systems that ensure employee well-being at work and at home, and we strive to lead our industry in occupational safety and health.

Our Approach

Our comprehensive approach to employee health and safety is more than just a set of rigorous policies. It is a critical element of the culture that makes Smithfield a great place to work. We are focused on ensuring our workers return safe, happy, and healthy to their families at the end of every shift, from the first day of work through retirement. That’s why we require strict adherence to our health and safety policies from every worker and visitor at every Smithfield facility around the world. We also practice “stop work authority,” which empowers all our workers to stop work, without fear of retribution, if they believe something is unsafe.


Employee health includes well-being in and out of work. To support our employees’ financial, physical and mental health at every life stage, we take action to provide a positive work environment, competitive pay and benefits, and unique learning opportunities.

We empower all our workers to stop work, without fear of retribution, if they believe something is unsafe.

Policies and Statements

Worker Health and Safety Policy Statement

Smithfield recognizes our workers as our greatest asset, and we firmly believe the health and safety of every individual working or visiting one of our locations is our responsibility. View our full Health and Safety Policy.


Total Incident Frequency (TIFR)
Days Away, Restricted, Transferred (DART)
Days Away from Work Injury and Illness (DAFWII)


Obtain ISO 45001 Health and Safety certification at all facilities globally by 2025.
On Track
Continue to maintain employee health and safety with incident rates below global industry averages.
Increase safety engagement to 50% or more of front-line employees globally by 2025.
Score at least 90% on Smithfield Injury System (SIPS) audits at all locations globally by 2025.

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Food Safety & Quality

At Smithfield, food safety and quality are more than a set of standards to meet. They are ingrained in our culture and touch every Smithfield employee—from our farms to our corporate offices.

Health & Wellness

“Good” doesn’t stop with our products. It’s in everything we do. From simpler nutrition and ingredient labels on our packaging to harvesting lifesaving pharmaceuticals for use in medical applications, we’re not just producing good food — we’re making good progress toward a healthier world.


We have a great responsibility to support the communities we call home. Through targeted philanthropy and volunteerism, we aspire to make a meaningful impact that addresses food insecurity, advances education and supports the vitality of our local communities.

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