Water is an essential natural resource for our business and our communities. Consistent with Smithfield’s commitment to environmental stewardship, we place high priority on the conservation and protection of this critical resource.

Throughout all aspects of our business worldwide, Smithfield will strive to reduce the impacts of our operations on water resources and to protect and sustain the water supply for our communities and our business.

Smithfield will take a leadership role in managing water supplies cooperatively with our communities. The 2010 United Nations General Assembly Resolution recognizes the right to a safe and sufficient water supply, and, wherever we operate, Smithfield will help ensure the sustainability of this essential resource.

As part of this commitment, Smithfield will implement proactive management systems that direct this effort throughout the Company, adhering to the following principles:

  1. Quality. As Smithfield manages and utilizes our water resources, we aim to preserve and enhance the quality of these resources for our communities and our operations. Sustaining water quality is an ongoing management priority and is incorporated into our planning and day-to-day operations.
  2. Conservation and Efficiency. Smithfield will manage our water supply mindful that it is a finite resource and will preserve its quantity and availability to the community and our operations. Smithfield will strive to constantly improve the efficient use of its water supply. We will maintain targets for decreased consumption and cost, pursue best practices, and track progress to evaluate performance over time.
  3. Cooperation. We will work with our local communities and regulatory agencies to manage water resources. As a company, Smithfield is committed to complying with all regulatory mandates as we utilize water supplies. The Company will maintain transparency and open communication with the community.

Smithfield is a leader in our commitment to protect and enhance the environment. Likewise, as a company, we will be responsible stewards of water supplies and partners with our communities to ensure the sustainability of the resource.