Sustainability Reports

2021 Sustainability Impact Report

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Past Reports

2020 Sustainability Impact Report

The challenges of 2020 provided us an opportunity to simplify and reaffirm our core business priorities, with a focus foremost on our employees

2019 Sustainability Report

The report provides a close look at the work we completed in 2019, positioning us to continue delivering on our mission to produce good food the right way.

2018 Sustainability Report

Our 2018 Sustainability Report helps demonstrate how sustainability is a part of our culture and our daily work, how we envision a better way to feed the world, and how we are making that future a reality.

2017 Sustainability Report

This report reflects our unwavering commitment to doing business the right way the sustainable way.

2016 Sustainability Report

The achievements in this report are the result of significant investments in our people and in the technologies and innovative processes that strengthen our position as the industry leader in sustainability.

2015 Sustainability & Financial Report

Our overall sustainability programs and vision will continue and will evolve to tackle new challenges. And we will make the ongoing investments necessary to build on our progress to date.

2014 Sustainability & Financial Report

The year 2014 was a record for our company, with the highest earnings in our history and our best-ever overall sales of $15 billion.

2013 Integrated Report

This report combines our annual financial results with highlights of our sustainability programs and performance in six key areas: animal care, employees, environment, food safety and quality, helping communities, and value creation.

2012 Integrated Report with 10-K

This report includes results of an updated 2012 materiality analysis and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3 Guidelines, which provide a recommended sustainability reporting framework and indicators.

2010/2011 CSR Summary Report

This report highlights our progress in environmental performance, animal care, food safety and quality, helping communities, and employee relations. As well as our international operations and our strengthened CSR governance and management structure.

2009/2010 CSR Report

Even during the difficult economic times of recent years, we maintained our core CSR programs, such as Helping Hungry Homes® and Learners to Leaders® while continuing progress on key issues.

2008/2009 CSR Report

This is our fourth CSR report, which builds on our experience publishing annual environmental reports from 2001 to 2004.

2007/2008 CSR Report

In the face of tough economic times, we remain committed to demonstrating CSR leadership in our industry.

2006/2007 CSR Report

Our commitment to CSR is important not only because it is the ethical thing to do and expected of us, but also because it brings value to our shareholders, customers, employees, and communities, and to the quality of life for our livestock.

2005 CSR Report

In addition to performance information related to the environment, animal welfare, employee safety and community involvement, the company will report on employee policies and programs, food safety and international social responsibility.

2004 Stewardship Report

We transform the respect we have for employees, the animals raised for food production, the environment and stakeholders into a driving force for performance improvement, innovation and value creation.

2003 Stewardship Report

As a diversified food production and marketing company, Smithfield is dedicated to producing the highest-quality products for our customers’ tables and businesses.

2002 Environment & Safety Annual Report

As a diversified food production and marketing company, Smithfield is dedicated to producing the highest-quality products for our customers’ tables and businesses.

2001 Environmental Report

Environmental awareness is part of everyone's job at Smithfield. Beyond mere compliance, we encourage all employees to offer solutions that may take our environmental performance to the next level.