Our International COVID Response

COVID-19 presented equally difficult and disruptive health and safety challenges to our frontline workers in Poland and Romania.

Rapidly rising infections among citizens in March and April precipitated countrywide lockdowns and quarantines in Poland and border closures amid a state of emergency in Romania.

Across our operations, and in line with government requirements, we implemented strict and comprehensive safety plans and measures to help protect the health and safety of our employees and to maintain the food supply. These included:
  • Adjusted shift and break start times to accommodate social distancing and in Romania, suspension of internships and extension of new-hire onboarding over several days
  • Thermal scanning, mandatory masks and face shields and hand-sanitizer stations • Disinfection of entrance zones; enhanced cleaning and disinfection for production machinery, transport vehicles and common rooms; physical distancing requirements; and workstation barriers
  • Emergency preparedness and response to COVID-19 exposures and cases, including contact tracing and quarantine requirements
  • Ongoing training and communications through posters, information leaflets and emails
  • Paid leave for employees at higher risk for serious complications from COVID-19